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Junkyards in Texas – The Original Recyclers

Direct access inventory is simple and convenient and always works in the consumers favor.

Although it may seem as though recycling is a new concept that has recently become popular, in reality recycling is something the salvage yards of Texas have been doing for years. Have you ever wondered what happens to all the hazardous waste materials that are contained in a vehicle once it becomes inoperative? Well owners and operators of Texas salvage yards know the answer and they are the key to ensuring that these dangerous chemicals never encounter fragile ecosystems like the air and groundwater.

Most are members of TARA, the Texas Automotive Recyclers Association and ARA, which is a national trade organization for automotive recyclers around the country, and adhere to strict policies for handling and disposing of hazardous waste materials. Salvage yards in Texas work closely with local and federal environmental agencies to ensure that the materials are handled in responsible ways.

To date, Texas auto recyclers along with auto recyclers throughout the United States have spent in excess of $50 million on environmental compliance and have recovered enough steel from salvaged vehicles to build more than 13 million new cars. These strides mean that less iron and aluminum have to mined and preserves our precious non-renewable resources. Not only do Texas junk yards save resources they also help save consumers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by providing access to quality used parts. By properly handling, removing and storing those parts that are in good conditions from non-operative vehicles, automotive recyclers can save customers up 75% off the price of what it would cost to buy that same part new from a dealership. In the past, an inoperative vehicle may stay in someone’s backyard for years or sit cluttering up streets and side alleys rusting away. Today that same car can be taken to a salvage yard and sold for up to several hundred dollars depending on the age and condition. The salvage yard then safely removes all hazardous waste materials and then removes all the salvageable parts then makes them available to the public at a discounted price. This is truly recycling at its best and Texas junk yards are proud to be a part of it.

Texas automotive recyclers have now become part of the internet connection as well. By inventorying parts on computer and utilizing satellite and internet, most salvage yards throughout Texas are able to access one another’s inventory. For the consumer that means an ending to calling around to every salvage yard in town to find the correct part. Now all one has to do is call one recycler and they can locate a part anywhere in the country. Whether the part is located 10 miles away or 100 most salvage yards will ship the part directly to your door. Direct access inventory is simple and convenient and always works in the consumers favor.

The salvage yards of Texas today are proud to be on the cutting edge of automotive recycling and they work hard to pass these savings on to the citizens of Texas.

Ronnie Tanner is a contributing writer at Texas junk yards. He writes about Texas junk yards and other related industry specific topics for the company.

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