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For people looking for spare parts in a junkyard, there is no more digging through heaps of rusty old cars.

Many car owners tend to dispose off their existing vehicle if it is beyond repair, by sending it to a scrap yard. The scrap yard pays a marginal amount to the car owner and then sells different parts to garages or mechanics. By selling the various components of a car a scrap yard owner can generate a substantial amount of money on an otherwise useless vehicle.

Motors, doors, carburetors, windshields and more are carefully separated and tagged for anyone who comes in needing a part. Most junkyards that sell scrap auto parts have sophisticated computerized systems that have inventory available in seconds. They can give you information about parts available and parts needed. Those in the business now like to call it “auto recycling.” Junkyard owners get their parts in different ways. They almost always check out cars that have been in accidents and are deemed totaled. If they find one that has low mileage they may pay as much as $2,000 to $3,000 for it, depending on the model and year. They then return to the shop to see just how many parts that can use and what each part is worth. They enter it into the computer and know exactly what they have in stock, as well as the make, model and year of the vehicle and vehicle identification number. Generally parts cost on the average $5 to $50 dollars.

What cannot be used, like aluminum, is compressed and sold when the prices is right. Hubcaps are sold for very little and the same goes for batteries.

For people looking for spare parts in a junkyard, there is no more digging through heaps of rusty old cars. Finding a part in a modern junkyard is similar to shopping in any other retail store. In most cases, the fast moving, popular parts such as radiators, alternators, and seats are arranged on ready-to-go display shelves. Most junkyards do not refund money in case spare parts purchased by consumers do not fit properly. However, they usually allow consumers to exchange it for another piece.

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